Energy Trading

Discover how reliable and efficient energy production can improve your financial portfolio.


how energy trading contributes to our robust electrical grid.


your portfolio by gaining exposure to electricity markets.


by investing in a company that adheres to strict principles.

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Grand Oak Capital Management utilizes state of the art deep learning technologies to trade a variety of products in United States energy markets

Our Story

What Sets Grand Oak Apart

Grand Oak Capital is a Houston, Texas-based quantitative investment management company trading in wholesale electricity and energy markets, dedicated to producing exceptional returns for its investors by strictly adhering to state of the art data-driven models and risk policies.

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Learn how energy trading integrates diverse power-producing assets into a single reliable grid
Energy Management

Deep Learning Strategy

A data-driven solution for the future

Concerns Addressed

Frequently Asked Questions

Is energy trading a risky investment?

While this is a risky investment, energy trading has no correlation to the stock market and therefore is an opportunity to diversify

What is Grand Oak Capital’s industry advantage?

The foundation of our advantage is the use of state of the art machine learning technology for trade generation, overseen and designed by our traders who have years of experience in the industry

What markets is Grand Oak Capital currently trading?

We are market participants in the Texas, California, Midwest, and Southwest power markets

How do I invest?

Contact us for more information. Grand Oak Capital accepts accredited investors